Last Minute Flights

How to book a last minute ticket...

Please check on FACEBOOK FLIGHTS HOLBOX where we post details.

If we have any special offers, they're usually posted the evening before, or sometimes on the same day as the flights.

These tickets are for the returning leg of a trip that's been booked for another customer - meaning someone's booked a flight between Cancún and Holbox, so there's an empty plane flying back from Holbox or Cancun.

This is always depend on what time and day the clients book the plane.

It is nothing we can plan in advance.

We do not fill up seats for a private booking.

This means that if the customer cancels or changes their flights, your cheap last minute ticket is going to be affected too.

As soon as our plane fly’s empty, we will try to sell the single seats for ca. 60USD one way.

If we don't have a empty plane going somewhere then we have no deals.

We can always offer you a private plane any time between 7am and 6pm. Just let us know when you wanna book. A private plane between Cancun and Holbox starts from 470 USD one way plane rental. We don't organize groups. We offer only private bookings. For your private booking go back to home.

Find out how to book a last minute ticket

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Highly Recommend. Steffi so wonderful and easy to work with! The only company to trust for transfers (air and land) best value too!


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